Getting Started

I’ve just moved to Spain, which has cut down my choice of flight schools considerably. Not aided by very poor SEO on Spanish flight school websites it has taken me a long time to find out about any of the options open to me. At one point I’d begun to think that there were no helicopter flight schools near Barcelona. Slowly I started finding more useful info, and as a result, decided to created a page listing all of the schools I did find. Hopefully this may one day save someone the effort I went through: Flight Schools in Spain.

Contrary to my initial thoughts, it would appear that I’ve picked the right area to move to. There are seemingly more flight schools in Catalunya than anywhere else in the country, with three based in Sabadell. The very same town I live in! Coincidence? Yeah, pretty much.

Some schools only seem to offer the commercial licence rather than the private one that I’m after. Time to make some proper enquiries and visit the following schools to see what they can offer me:


Aero Link Air Services

Top Fly

Aero Club Barcelona Sabadell

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